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    Yantai Xutai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company providing non-pollution & energy saving products and its supporting solution. We owned many brands such as Xutai Energy, Miaosha, Zhishengyuan etc., we devoted our company to be pioneer in each field.
    Yantai Xutai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. had professional research & develop team. We had overall develop & design ability for product modeling, single chip, electronic circuit and mechanical structure. Our company developed many types of product successfully and we got national patent. We had solid foundation especially in LED and other solar energy applied products. We applied ERP management system in our daily work. We had ISO9001 certification. Also our products were accepted by international well-know companies.
    Yantai Xutai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. had professional staff responsible for domestic &
international business, we also had after-sales staff. We had completed customer service system, and we were setting up national-wide marketing system, then we will give quick response and value-added service for our customers. Till now we have 150 employees in total and more than 50 administrative staff among them.
    We designed XUTAI.NEO as a high-level lamps brand for commerce and construction lighting. We mainly adopted solar energy and LED technology, combined with our outstanding industry and circuit design, bringing the best using feeling lighting with non-pollution & energy-saving function. XUTI.NEO products passed ROHS certification system, and met with 3C, CE and UL national standards.
    In order to save energy and lighting conditions, relieving energy crisis and greenhouse effect, improving earth ecology and bring benefits to all humans, we invite you to promote XUTAI.NEO solar energy lighting products with us. We wish we could carry this business benefited to people and nation through to the end.

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