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Xutai Energy -Introduction of LED series products

author: admin time:2015-06-04
Abstract:Xutai Energy-LED series products of integrated solar energy lighting system is a newly high performance street lighting equipment with beautiful fashion outline、better lighting and strong function. It is mainly composed of high efficiency solar ene

       Xutai Energy-LED series products of  integrated solar energy lighting system is a newly high performance street lighting equipment with beautiful fashion outline、better lighting and strong function. It is mainly composed of high efficiency solar energy modules、Lithium iron phosphate battery pack、Micro-MPPT intelligent controller、LED light source with high lighting efficiency and PIR human body sensing system, etc.
       The basic working principle is making use of the MPPT intelligent charging technology and high efficiency solar energy battery panels to collect ,absorb solar radiation energy automatically under the condition of effective sunlight and convert  the energy into electric energy directly through the photoelectric effect and store it into the battery;  which it is at night or low visibility,  the photosensitive system response automatically and release electric energy, supplying enough lighting for roads  via LED light source.
       Xutai Energy is always keeping long-term cooperation with international well-known enterprises ,for example , CREE、SONY. All the main modules are used the first-class products which are famous international brands. We can guarantee the products' performance, and will not low the quality for reducing costs.  On the design of products, adopting professional  lighting distributive , improving the lighting uniformity and making the street lighting better, it is fit for all kinds of complex traffic condition and environment.  What's more, its adopting the integrated structure,dealing with protective paintcoat on the whole product, reaching to the IP65 degree and adapting  much strict enviromental condition.
Main function features and products advantages:

1. Supplying electric by solar energy,saving energy and lowing fees.
2. Integrated design ,fashion and pretty, light weight, non-embedded battery, and transportation,installation conveniently.
3..Adopting the Lithium iron phosphate battery pack, and saving energy, with 8 years long time using life.
4. Controlling full automatization, no need to technically debug and maintain.
5. Installating the PIR human body intelligent system, when people are here, it will light, and when people gone, it is going out.,with extending the lighting time and using life.
6.Anti-corrsion structure, IP65 protective degree, keeping off wind, rain, corrosion,electric leakage,and steal, the design is safe and reliable. 
Yantai Xutai New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd.
Our company provides the all-in-one LED solar energy street light,with development by ourselves,good quality, leading technology, brief, beauty,fashion,convenience,durable,saving energy and reducing cost. 
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