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“Developing Non-pollution City Lighting” Corporate Philoso

author: admin time:2015-05-30
Abstract:Non-Pollution Lighting: Non-pollution lighting is put forward by America National Environmental Bureau in the 90s last century.Complete non-pollution lighting including 4 aspects as high efficiency saving energy, environment, safe, and comfort .

Non-Pollution Lighting:
Non-pollution lighting is  put forward by America National Environmental Bureau  in the 90s last century.Complete non-pollution lighting including  4 aspects as high efficiency saving energy, environment, safe, and comfort . Any aspect  should not be left. High efficiency saving energy means to consume less electric energy for getting enough light .  So this way can reduce letting out pollutant and reach the environmental standard. Safe and comfort  means clear and soft light and doesn't  produce harmful light and light-pollution as  ultraviolet ray ,dazzle.
Integrated solar energy streetlight supplier---Yantai Xutai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Our company is first-class supplier of energy solution and the innovative corporate in solar energy street light industry.  Lighting projects are not only deemed to save energy but realize it from a high level. We need to treat it as saving energy and protect environment, and it is a wide meaning . Even some people who have no common sense that they think electric supplying is not so tight, and lighting saving energy is not important.   They don't realize it from environmental level  because the purpose of non-pollution lighting projects is not only a economic benefit, but aso the using of resource and environmental protection . Through saving energy to reduce generating energy and lowing coal consuming (Much more than 70% generating energy  in China is attained through consuming coal)  to reduce some harmful gas as S02,C02 and oxynitride. It will be profound significance for  us  facing environment and development.
2、Non-pollution projects requiring saving energy is not a tradional saving energy completely .  I t is a very clear description in "China non-pollution lighting projects executing solution " that need to meet with higher requiremnets of lighting quality and environment condition. So we can't realize saving energy through lowing the lighting standard,  and we must improve the level of lighting projects design to  realize high lighting efficiency.
3、Executing non-pollution lighting project is not regarded as providing high efficiency saving energy lighting equipment.Although  high efficiency equipment is important material basis , there should be right and reasonable lighting project design. Design is the most important key points. So it  decides thtat if the product can be line with the requirements of lighting ; What's more,  operation,maintenance and management should not be ignored, becaust without the fators , the executing solutions of saving energy and lighting is not complete!
 High efficiency equipment is a basis of lighting and saving energy, but the lighting equipment is not only refered as  lighting source, of course, the  lighting source is the first element and it is known by everybody. But  the efficiency of luminaires and electricification assessories (for example, ballast)  which impact on lighting and saving energy is not be neglected.  This point commonly can not be caused attention by people. For example, a luminaire with diffusing fitting or grating image of straight tube fluorescent,  efficiency of high efficiency  premier product is higher 50%-100% than that of low quality product.. So the saving energy effect is  obvious .
5、High efficiency light source is  the first element of lighting and saving energy.  We must pay attention to  popularize and use high efficiency light source. But someone thinks it simply as  popularazing saving energy light (the saving energy light is refered as compact fluorescent lamp), this is not too comprehensive and  it is harmful . Because there are kinds of light sources, many people popularize the high efficiency light source. As far as the efficiency of energy transfermation , there is equivalently  to be the compact fluorescent on light efficiency aspect (for example, straight tube fluorescent lamp ),  and there is higher efficiency  than product.(For example, high pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp). All these high efficiency light source have features and advantages respectively , and they also have own  using sites .  This is not to be replaced by a common saving energy light source simply.  As per the different using sites, there are three high efficiency  at least to popularize and use.

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