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Comparative analysis of LED and traditional light source

author: admin time:2015-06-05
Abstract: Comparative analysis of LED and traditional light source Comprehensive performance contrast

Comparative analysis of LED and traditional light source
Comprehensive performance contrast

item High press light  XT-LED street light 
Photo-metric characteristic bad excellent
Heat dispersion bad excellent
Behaviour of electricity Easy to get an electric (high pressure) Safe (low pressure)
Working life Short(5.000h) Longer(>50,000h)
Working voltage narrow wide
consumption higher lower
Starting speed Very slow(with 10 minutes) Faster(2 s)
strobe Have(exchange drive) No (direct drive)
Bright dipping efficiency Low(>60%) High(90%)
Color rendering /distinguish Bad(Ra>50,according to objects colors make people not true,dull,hypnosis) Good(Ra>75,be colorful as object,real,make the person feel more comfortable)
Color temperature Too lower(very yellow very orange,not fit) Appropriate(comfortable)
Bad glare Strong glare No bad dazzling glare
Light pollution strong no
radiation Serious(>300℃) Cold light source
Black chimney Easy(dust absorption) No(anti-static)
Aging yellow lampshade faster no
Vibration strength Bad( fragile) Good(no lamp filament and glass)
Environment pollution Lead pollution elements,etc no
Maintain cost high lower
Product volume bigger Small(look super thin)
Product weight heavy light
Cost performance bad high
comprehensiveness bad excellent


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