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Solar street lights and ordinary street lights cost comparis

author: admin time:2015-06-05
Abstract:With 250 streetlights: the price of the common lamps and lanterns is RMB 8000/set; the price of the solar street light is RMB19500/set,through the comparative analysis according to the service life of 15 years.


With 250 streetlights: the price of the common lamps and lanterns is RMB 8000/set; the price of the solar street light is RMB19500/set,through the comparative analysis according to the service life of 15 years。

type Solar street light Ordinary street light
Price of lamps 19500*250=487.5thousand 8000*250=200thousand
Installation charge 400*250=10thousand 200thousand*10%=20thousand
Cost of form a complete set no Under ground use electric cable、ditching refilling、the fabric tube、inspection well、power distribution equipment,amount to:157.5thousand
For the first time spending 487.5+10=497.5thousand 200+20+157.5=377.5thousand
Operation and maintenance cost The change of storage battery
Total electricity consumption for 15 years:547.5thousand(4KWH/day)
Maintenance cost:light source 70yuan×8times×250=14thousand,salary 10 thousand (amount to 571.5 thousand)
All-in cost 495.7+37.5=535thousand 377.5+571.5=949thousand
If the service life of 15 years,that the operation cost and street lights maintenance cost is taken into account:
Solar energy lamps and lanterns to what happens in life cycle cost is lower than the overall cost of the common lamps and lanterns。
Run maintenance cost ,the ordinary lamps and lanterns is significantly higher than the solar energy lamps and lanterns,can grow over time and more and more higher (electricity,artificial,)
Safety stability,solar lamps and lanterns of free maintenance,absolutely safe,will not get an electric shock accidents and can be controlled by changing the way to enhance its stability。
And ordinary lamps and lanterns is relatively safe,performance is stable,perennial need maintenance,and exists in the floods and rainy day 
The leakage often occurred in the deadly accident。

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